Last year Forbes magazine had an interesting article about Columbus Ohio. They were analyzing the reasons that Columbus was growing while the rest of the larger cities in the region are losing population. Their reasons made sense to a point, but we would like to take a little exception and explain the real reasons for the growth.

Forbes reported the biggest reason for the growth was people escaping other Ohio communities to move to Columbus and that the net growth of the state was almost zero. Here is where we will need to disagree with their assertions.

Columbus is growing for several reasons. Here are the reasons we think are important for you to consider.

First, we are home to Ohio State University. This may sound like a small thing to Forbes magazine, but it is not. The University is one of the backbones of the city and the state. The Ohio State University is ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world. It maintains this high quality of education even with its massive enrollment. The University currently has over 60,000 students making it one of the largest in the nation. The University is home to the Buckeyes who consistently rank as one of the top Division I football teams in the country.

Second, Even with the rapid growth of Columbus, the city has maintained a hometown feel. Our population has almost doubled over the last couple of decades, but we are still a close community. We have not switched into a large city attitude and probably never will with our strong Midwest roots. This hometown feel is why so many people from smaller towns and cities in Ohio are drawn to Columbus, and once they move here, become lifelong residents.

Third, we have continued to grow economically while other major cities have declined. Ohio may be seeing residents leaving for other areas, but Columbus holds onto its population and grows due to its vibrant community, great economy and booming real estate market.

Could Columbus begin to decline in population like the Forbes author predicts? Sure, it could happen, but we don’t see any signs of change in the way Columbus residents feel about the city. This is home. This is where we want to live. This is where we plan to stay. We respect the opinions and research done by Forbes, but believe the real reason Columbus Ohio is thriving is very simple. It is a great place to live.